In the Beginning:

I grew up in the City of Waukesha, the seventh child out of eight. Have you ever seen the TV show Eight is Enough? Well, with our family, I would say eight was enough. It was a very loving family, oh but if I could write stories...

Taking pictures:

 Living a block away from one of two fire stations in Waukesha. Every time I heard a siren, I was running out the front door to see what was driving by. Then I finally got my drivers license and the chase was on. I worked for the local paper for twenty years in the circulation department, so I was always driving around town. The weird thing was, I was always running into car accidents or house fires. So I purchased a camera and started shooting film. It got real fun when I bought a police scanner, and then I didn't miss a thing.

Where I'm going:

After twenty years at the local newspaper, it was time for a change. I still loved taking pictures, but I needed something different. The internet was just taking off and so was I. I'm currently a Federal Express driver that carries a camera. I don't have a regular route, I'm what they call a swing driver. I fill in for a regular drivers when they are on vacation. I cover five counties, it's a big job, but man, I'm still running into news events even without the use of a scanner (company policy).


What I'm doing is, telling a story through the lens of my camera. Capturing history! Stories that need to be told and remembered. I way to look back and reflect.

Like it, buy it:

If you like what you see and like to purchase one or more of my pictures, please do so. It helps pay for my internet sites, gas, and film. I mean SD cards, wow how fast things are changing in this small world we live in. 

Thank You!